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 Redesign your workplace with our COVID partitions to maintain safety, health, and peace of mind amidst the coronavirus pandemic.  COVIDCUBES™ are lightweight, easy to clean, translucent, and customized to your space.

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Originally a data center containment manufacturer, Polargy has repurposed our data center partition portfolio to apply to the new COVID-19 work environment. The COVIDCUBE™ product set was thoughtfully developed with reliability and quality in mind. After all, we do have 11 years of experience in the partition industry! 

Separation partitions are rapidly being adopted to provide protection between employees to give them a greater sense of safety. Per CDC recommendations, physical barriers are encouraged to maintain physical separation and ensure peace of mind.

We can help you prepare your workplace to reopen and for employees and customers to return with our custom COVID partition products. From desk dividers and hanging partitions to countertop shields and free standing panels, we'll work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

"Polargy is responding to the community's need to get back to work safely through repurposing our airflow partitions to office and workplace applications."

-Sydney Frame, GM CovidCube™ Division

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